How Watching Movies Makes You a Better Copywriter

I was watching movies on Saturday night time once I heard this remarkable phrase I’ll probable use in my copy at some time.

This lady became seeking to get married to a man her buddy disapproved of. And someone said to him: “What did you assume? Did you genuinely expect she become going to dodge that bullet?”

The bullet which became being stated become that of marriage and kids, etc. And it turned into a one of a kind way of pronouncing “Did you absolutely suppose she wasn’t going to ever get married and feature youngsters?”

But those 3 phrases “Dodge that Bullet” make it a miles greater “smack among the eyeballs” word, do not they?

Let’s look at how this phrase will be used in special industries:

1. Health: How to dodge the bullet of a number of the largest killers including coronary heart disorder & cancer.

2. Life Insurance: Do you really think you will dodge the bullet of dying?

3. A flu nutrition: More than XX% of human beings get the flu over iciness. If you do, you could simply take this. Or you may live in hope that you will stay clear of that bullet and go through the outcomes.

In fact, any state of affairs wherein you may display that the vast majority of humans are affected by a problem, you can use the phrase / perspective of “steer clear of that bullet.”

And there may be some thing to keep in mind right here: preserve your ears and eyes opened for phrases on tv, newspapers, radio shows, films, conversations, etc.

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